Ysgol Morfa Nefyn School Council. Click here to read more about their responsibilities and work.

  • Children

    Ysgol Morfa Nefyn is a school for infants and children up to Year 3 (ages 3 - 8). We hope that the children will spend the first years of their education in a happy and homely environment, developing educationally and socially.

  • Parents

    Thank you for taking the time to discover and learn about our school. We hope that this website will help give you a taste of the school and the opportunities we provide for your child.

    Link for Parents

    Follow the Facebook page 'education begins at home' for information on how to support your child at home and help improve their performance in school. Click here to see their recent advertisement.


    cameraClick here to see various photos of our fun activities


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      Your child's attendance is very important to assure development in their learning.

      Our target is 96% attendance. We praise and award good attendance at the end of every term. Here is a photo of the pupils who have had 100% attendance in the Autumn term, 2019. Well done!


News and updates about the school is regularly shared on the school’s facebook page. See the latest news below:


Ysgol Morfa supports the Gwynedd Welsh language charter. Click here to see the activities.

Entrepreneurship - Llond Bol

LLOND BOL is a business which has been set up by year 2 and 3 pupils as part of the creative school project in 2017-18 to develop their entrepreneurship skills. Click here to see the activities.



Here is a link to the school's recent OFSTED report. The school was inspected by OFSTED in September 2015:



QR code

The school uses QR codes to share videos of the children's oracy work and activities in their workbook and on classroom displays. Remember to download the QR reader app on your mobile phone so that you can watch the videos during visits. 

Letters for Parents

School Uniform - click here

Cylch Meithrin Morfa Nefyn

plantThe School and the Cylch Meithrin has a close and effective contact to ensure that every child is transferred confidently when three years old, developing a range of skills early in their education. The Cylch Meithrin is held at the Ganolfan in Morfa Nefyn from Monday to Thursday between 9:00am and 11:30am. The sessions are for children between two and a half years old and four years old. Click here for more information from the Cylch’s leader.

National Reading and Numeracy

learning-walesInformation about the reading and numeracy tests: Click here for a guide to provide information explaining what the tests involve and how the results will be reported.


The National Reading and Numeracy Test reports.
Click on the link to watch an animation talk for parents through the National Reading and Numeracy Test reports.