The school is proud to be part of the eco-schools scheme. It is designed to empower and inspire young people to make positive environmental changes to their school and wider community, while building on their skills, including numeracy and literacy, and encompassing Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. Here is a photo of our eco-committee.


We encourage our pupils to take part in environmental issues from day to day and understand the importance of looking after their environment, including

Waste reduction
Save energy and natural resources
Reduce and prevent pollution
Look after the local and worldwide environment
Travel sensibly

Year 3 pupils have been elected to be members of the ‘energy squad’. The squad wear badges on their jumpers and helps the school to look after the environment by saving energy every day. We are also taking part in the ‘Sbarci a Fflic’ scheme, which is a team that comes to school to work with the pupils and teach them how to save energy and monitor the use of energy in the school.

We also support ‘Antur Waunfawr’, which is a clothes recycling centre. A blue bin has been placed on the school premises to encourage staff, parents and members of the community to recycle clothes, shoes and bags. ‘Antur Waunfawr’ collects the bins when they are full and the school receives money for the clothes. Therefore please inform your family and friends so that they can help us fill the blue bins!

Our activities extend beyond the classroom to develop aspects in the wider community. We arrange an after school ‘gardening club’ every year where the children are responsible for planting flowers and varieties of vegetables. Year 3’s business, ‘Menter Morfa’, sells the vegetable products to parents at the end of the year to make a profit.


sbarci a fflic sbarci a fflic Sgwad Ynni
Sgwad Ynni


plant a moch bach

Clwb garddio

Prynhawn prysur ar gychwyn y tymor newydd ym mis Medi yn chwynnu a thacluso’r ardd!



Walking to School
plant a moch bach

We supported ‘Walk to School week’ again this year. Its aim is to promote being healthy and caring for the environment. Carys Ofalus came to school to teach the children about road safety. On Wednesday morning, all the staff and pupils walked a short journey around the village to school.

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to see photos of the journey.

Following a great effort by the children, the school Council decided tocontinue to award those who walked to school during the summer term.”7 children succeeded to walk to school more than three times a week for a period of 7 weeks! Here is a photo of them wearing their ‘Carys Ofalus’ t-shirts.

Year 3 Bike Lessons

Cheryl, a road safety officer came to school to teach Year 3 new skills on their bikes. The learned how to be safe on the road when using their bikes. We are encouraging children to walk or ride their bikes to school (with their parents) throughout the year so that we can increase our fitness and reduce pollution.


Click here to see photos of the children enjoying themselves.

Gardening Club
plant yn garddio We have a gardening club every year to plant vegetables and flowers in the garden. This year we planted potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and watercress seeds. Year 2 and 3 were busy at the end of the term taking them out of the ground to weigh them and sell them to parents.

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The school won the food gardens competition in the Autumn term. The competition was launched to get young children and adults to grow their own food such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. Well done!

Year 2 and 3 went to Glynllifon to learn the names of wild flowers, trees and minibeasts in the water pond with Swyn Spencer who works for the Wales national resources. They went fishing for minibeasts and then investigated and learnt their names. Then they went to look for a variety of wild flowers. Can you identify the flowers in the pictures?

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On your knees for the bees

On the 17th of October, the children were busy planting ‘bluebells’ bulbs to support ‘on your knees for the bees’.


They received a certificate from the naturist Iolo Williams for helping to make their environment pretty. We are all looking forward to see the bluebells flowering in the Spring!